LanHunt 1.4 Released!

What's New?

- Charming new User Interface
- Direct "Open File" button
- Faster file origin locator ("Open Location")
- First Run Wizard
- "Clear Old DB" button for faster searches

Winodws Self-Installer:
Click here

Portable(Standalone) Release:
Click here

Older Version: LanHunt 1.3:
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LanHunt is an advanced LAN search engine, which enable users to download and look for content shared on local area network. LanHunt is fast, typically giving results in seconds. Database update is required only once from the inbuilt updater. Supports parallel downloads, parallel searching, direct file open, direct location open, filetype based narrowing and much more.

LanHunt 1.4

Download Links:

Windows Self-Installer:

Portable(Standalone) Release for Windows:

New Features:
- Charming new User Interface
- Direct “Open File” button
- Faster file origin locator (“Open Location”)
- First Run Wizard
- “Clear Old DB” button for faster searches

LanHunt 1.3

Download Links:

Portable(Standalone) Release:

Winodws Self-Installer(32-bit/x86):

Windows Self-Installer(64-bit/x64):

New Features:
- New Improved User Interface
- Windows self installer
- Faster Database update
- Better “Open Location” support
- Log Window

LanHunt 1.2

Download Link:

Features added:

· “File not found” notifier on download window with “update db” link
· Ip range update-able from “Update database” window
· “Beta” tag removed

LanHunt 1.1

This is the very first release of LanHunt, the  LAN based search engine.

Download Link:

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows
- Java Runtime Environment (Download Here)
- Minimal Hardware requirements

- Friendly User Interface
- Fast Network Crawling
- Faster searching
- Inbuilt downloader

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